Madness Asseveration


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Title : Madness Asseveration
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OH YEH, THE PRELOADER IS LOADING THE MOVIE, IT'S JUST NOT SHOWING IT! 6 Months in the making, I give you, MADNESS ASSEVERATION. Hurdurhur, Ass. Total Runtime: 6 mins 7 secs Total Frames: 11092 Total Parts: 22 Music - Menu Music - Cheshyre - Catastrophy Main Theme - FS & Calvertron - Dub Combination So anyway, this was a pain in the ass to put together, what with problems, and..... lazy members, DERERERERP, but yeh, I hope you enjoy this. With some of the best animators around, this will hopefully be good. I hope. RATE 5. --Viridian Edit1: WOW DAILY 1ST! THANKS ALOT GUYS! (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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